Mobile App Breakdown



This App is going to create an experience for every single person that comes into contact with our brand. It will allow you to see the impact that you make, along with the impact of others. The goal of the brand is to create a wave. The importance of the wave in our logo is to represent the ripple effect of kindness and positivity the bracelets will bring to those who join this movement. Each band will reflect a domino affect while being passed continuously through others. You'll have the chance to read other's stories and then share your own for the next to read after you. You buy these bracelets to give them away. You can take off your bracelet that says “I believe in you” and share that with someone else.  The bracelets can be used in a million different scenarios.  From the most negative situation's to the most positive, and everything in between.  Its about accomplishing, overcoming, and connecting.

The App will document the history of this movement allowing you, and everyone else, to see the impact that is being made every single day. We are creating these bands with a patch on them.  Underneath this patch we are placing an NFC (Near Field Communication) chip. This chip has the capability to connect to the IBIY App by scanning. You open our app and click “Scan” and it will connect to that individual bracelet.  You are able to create a profile, then scan the bracelet that was given to you.  After you scan the bracelet, you enter your name/city and have a chance to tell the story of that interaction. (This is NOT a tracker). You will also be able to read the stories all the way back to the very first person who purchased that bracelet.  Then you can get onto the IBIY App and look at the bracelets you’ve scanned/purchased and see how far they’ve traveled and see how many people have been impacted. You will be able to see how much of a wave YOU have made. We are going to create a history for this brand- and will be able to record the impact we make.. how incredible is that? Click the link below to watch our break down video.